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first tat :)

"A moving point generates a line
A moving line generates a plane
A moving plane generates a volume
A moving volume generates a hyper-volume
The threshold movement is attained at the speed of light
At the speed of light mass becomes infinite and time ceases to be
A timeless, mass-less entity can travel to any point in the universe instantly
A timeless, mass-less entity can manifest to all points in the universe instantly
The mysterious aspect of a human electromagnetic-ethereal travels at or beyond the speed of light"

- Unknown


Somebody posted this and I can’t remember so I can’t give credit but I saved them and now I can’t find them on my blog so I am re posting them :P

oh… now that I see them enlarged these are from

I went to her page and I am already following her :P

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Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana (Three Legged Downward Dog Pose)
Photographer Casino Nelson (
Model Katrina Amato
La Vie Boheme Yoga

Our source of strength must always be the righteousness in our own heart, and we must do good because it is good, and never be disappointed if our earnest endeavors are neglected or misunderstood.
- Manly P. Hall